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Over The Edge

Over the EdgeWhat is Over the Edge?
Over the Edge provides individuals the opportunity to rappel down the side of huge building.  Some companies even collect employee donations to "Toss the Boss" over the side, "forcing" him or her to jump.  All participants that take part in this adventurous event raise money for Special Olympics. This year, Special Olympics Ohio will join several other Special Olympics organizations in going Over the Edge…

Why Support the Cause?
All proceeds from the Over the Edge event will go to Special Olympics Ohio.  Special Olympics organizations and Over the Edge have teamed up in over half a dozen states to raise money for Over the Edge athletes with intellectual disabilities.  Special Olympics Ohio plans to host its first Over the Edge fundraiser to support its 23,000 athletes.

Who Can Participate?
Everyone!  Special Olympics Ohio encourages individuals interested in taking on this unique opportunity to check it out.  All participants need is the enthusiasm to raise the $1,000 fundraising minimum and the courage to take the "jump."  We also promote corporations to pull their funds together to "Toss the Boss," a special opportunity to send your boss off the top of a building. 

What Happens the Day of the Event?
Over the Edge provides special training to ensure each participant is ready to rappel down the side of a building.  Participants are encouraged to have fun by dressing up and bringing their friends, family, and co-workers.  The event will take place mid-day, so be prepared for media attention as people go down.  After the event, a small celebration will take place with recognition for the top fundraisers. 

Over the EdgeHow Do I Register?
How can I go Over the Edge?  Three easy steps…

Step 1:  Register Online
Once you register online, you will create a web page to collect credit card donations and send out emails asking for support from friends and family.

July 26, 2011
The Hyatt Regency, Cincinnati

Step 2: Raise a minimum of $1,000
Use our online tools to fund raise by sending out emails, posting the link on Facebook and Twitter, and tracking your donations.  Once you reach the minimum $1,000, we will contact you to reserve your rappel spot.

Step 3: Turn in your donations, sign a waiver and go Over the Edge
Arrive at the event before your rappel to turn in any remaining cash/check donations and get suited up to rappel!  All participants must sign a waiver prior to rappelling and be between 110 and 300 lbs.  Participants under 18 years of age will need a parent or guardian with them to sign the waiver.  We encourage you to invite friends, family, and co-workers to watch you Go Over the Edge.

Congratulations to our Edgers in Columbus and Cleveland.  We appreciate your contributions to Special Olympics Ohio and we were happy to have you participate in our inaugural events.  Please visit our Photo Gallery to view pictures. 

Check out the video from our first two events!

Click here to read our FAQs for Over the Edge.


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