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2014 Polar Plunge

Thanks for a great Polar Plunge season!

The 2014 Ohio Polar Plunge season was WILDly successful and raised over $416,000 in support of Special Olympics Ohio's athletes! Check out the results below and mark your calendar with the dates for 2015's Ohio Polar Plunge events.

2014 Lineup:

         *SAVE THE DATE: Mosquito Lake Polar Plunge on January 24, 2015!* 

         *SAVE THE DATE: KY/OH Polar Plunge on February 7, 2015!*

         *SAVE THE DATE: OU Polar Plunge on February 14, 2015!*

         *SAVE THE DATE: Columbus Polar Plunge on February 21, 2015!*

         *SAVE THE DATE: LETR-Geneva Polar Plunge on February 28, 2015!*

          *SAVE THE DATE: Grand Lake St. Mary's Polar Plunge on March 7, 2015!*

          *SAVE THE DATE: Caesar's Creek Polar Plunge on March 14, 2015!*

          *SAVE THE DATE: Sandusky Polar Plunge on January 31, 2015!*

          *SAVE THE DATE: Indian Lake Polar Plunge on March 21, 2015!*

 Thank you for "Getting Wild About the Plunge!"